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World Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Coco Peat Coir Products

Cocogreen are at the forefront of innovation in the sustainable research, development, manufacture and technical sales of Coir (coco peat) products for use by professional horticultural growers as a high performing, high yielding and sustainable alternative growing media to stonewool and moss peat substrates. (mainly in hydroponic systems under glasshouse and polytunnels).  

Our best-selling products are coir coco peat hydroponic growbags and slabs; coir propogation cubes as well as pot and tray filling products such as compressed coir bricks and blocks.  We work on the ground with growers in 26 markets including the UK, Brazil, Australia etc. and have a reputation for providing Unbeatable Quality and Unmatchable Prices as we control every aspect of our supply chain even after delivery to your door with technical support.

coco peat growbags for strawberry growersCocogreen are also major manufacturers and suppliers of bulk coir for blending and mixing to reduce moss peat content in retail and professional horticulture products, we are also leaders in innovative thinking and designs for new environmentally sustainable coir based products with leading global brands to add value; and add profit to our customers business portfolios.

Cocogreen work within amateur hydroponics, and is fast becoming a recognised brand of quality, and value within many global markets.  We are also partnered with other own label brands that are leaders in their respective markets by working directly with Cocogreen, and its team of coir experts; where high quality, and reliability are standard.

Cocogreen coir coco peat factory manufacturer and supplier

Cocogreen boast rigorous production and quality control processes; giving our customers the highest quality product at the fairest prices.  Cocogreen own several factory production sites in Sri Lanka; and invest heavily in expansion, ensuring that all production, and materials treatment is conducted internally so that quality is always consistent and of our leading standards. This gives us the benefit to supply short and long-term demands from each of our sectors.

For all your hydroponic, coir cocopeat requirements; Cocogreen are leaders, innovators and professionals dedicated and committed to building customer focused long-term relationships built around our core promises:  Unbeatable Quality, Unmatchable Prices.

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